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  The old Market Hall  

This is another early view of Rhayader, probably from around 1897, taken from an old postcard.
It shows 'Ye Olde Market Hall' which once stood at the crossroads where the four main streets to the north, south, east, and west meet at the centre of the market town. It was built in 1762.

Market Hall

Old Market Hall

Many old market towns had a Market Hall located in a very central position - usually in the middle of the most important street in the town. The ground floor usually had open arches for use as a covered maket space for local traders, and the upper floor was for official town business and meetings.
Most of the oldest buildings of this type in market towns were sadly demolished to make way for traffic, but this one survived until the 1920s. The war memorial and clock tower now stands on the site.

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The old Market Hall in the centre of Llanidloes is a rare survivor of the oldest type of timber framed market halls.
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