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Care of the poor
  Poor relief for the Hamer family  

Although the Rhayader Union did not at first have a workhouse, this did not mean that the poor in the area were made comfortable. The Hamer family of Rhayader got into difficulties, and were given just 4/6d (about 23p) per week relief.
In January 1837, however, the Union issued a harsh judgement which changed things for the worse for the family. This extract from the Rhayader Union records explains what happened.


Poor family at homeThe entry reads:
"In his house over and above what appears necessary: Two tables worth about 15/- [75p]. One cross saw worth about 5/- [25p] together with sundry other articles. It was then ordered that the sum of 4/6 a week be heretofore allowed be discontinued untill the said goods be disposed of and the proceeds properly applied".

This means that all help to John Hamer's family was stopped until he sold these belongings. The house may have been fairly empty by the time help was paid to the family again !

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