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The workhouse
  The Rhayader Poor Law Union  

In 1834 the government introduced an entirely new system for looking after the poor. The country was divided into areas to provide care through local Poor Law Unions. The Rhayader Union was formed in this way and was run by a Board of Guardians with representatives from across the area.
paupers going into the workhouseThe government required the Rhayader Union to lock away those paupers - or poor people - who could not look after themselves, in a new large workhouse. Like the Machynlleth Union, the Rhayader Union was reluctant to the build such a workhouse, choosing instead to pay relief out of Union funds and to allow paupers to stay in their homes.
To see how poor people were looked after by the Rhayader Union in the Victorian period, choose from the list below.

Poor relief for the Hamer family
Abandoned wives
The health of the poor
Escape to a better life
A new workhouse for the Rhayader Union
A Master and Matron for the new workhouse
The first inmates
Earning their keep


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