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Bumble bee drawing

Although Victorian school teachers could use the cane to punish Bumble bee drawing children (and most of them did !), this did not mean that there was no bad behaviour !
This example is from the Log Book of St Harmon's National School in September 1882 :

8th September

The Bumble bee drawingentry shown here reads :
"On Thursday afternoon punished Thomas Evans for bringing wild bees (humble bees) into School and letting them out amid the Class in lesson time, (this being not the first time it had been done)".

The humble bee was the same as the insect that we now call the bumble bee, so you can imagine that having big fat yellow bees buzzing around the classroom must have caused a bit of bother !
The punishment given to troublesome Thomas was probably a few good whacks with the teacher's cane !
The same thing probably happened to the girl on the next page...

Some girls caused problems as well...


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