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  Missing money found in the sweet shop !  

It wasn't only the boys that behaved badly in Victorian times (some things never change !).
This story is from the Log Book of St Harmon's School in 1882 :


School diary entry "An unpleasant affair occurred in School on Thursday after[noon]: one of the children took a 3d [3 penny] piece from the Desk during the time they were standing round the Desk alone at a spelling lesson..."
Sweet drawing Four girls had been next to the desk when the money went missing, but they all denied taking it, and it wasn't found when they were searched by the teacher.
But the mystery was solved the next day.
The school Log Book went on to tell the story...
Sweet drawings
by Rob Davies

School diary entry
Sweets drawing
Sweets  drawing

"Mrs Jones from the Crossing [a local shop] sent word to say that E.Morris on the Thursday Even[ing] before had been to buy from her 3 pennyworth of Sweets with a 3 penny piece..."
Do you think that these two events could have been connected...?
The teacher did !

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