Some Victorian maps
  1904 map of New Radnor  

New Radnor in 1904


This map shows New Radnor at the end of Queen Victoria’s reign. It shows an enlarged section of the 6 inches to 1 mile map made by the Ordnance Survey.
Although Victoria’s reign brought many changes to the area, the basic shape and size of the community have not changed much since 1835. There are some changes however.
As well as the old church there are two chapels in the village. (Marked Bapt. Chap. [Baptist] and Chap.) This shows that there were new forms of Christian worship in the area.
P.O. on the map indicates a Post Office. Letter writing became increasingly popular as more people were able to read, thanks to the new schools.
The New Radnor School is marked Sch. on the map. To see what school life was like visit the Schools pages.
station in 1904One of the most imortant changes to the community is too far out to be included in the image. Half a mile from the centre of the village stood the tiny New Radnor station connecting the community to the rail network. (See transport pages on the railway).

Compare with New Radnor in 1835...


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