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  Connections to a wider world  

All over Britain small towns like Presteigne were being connected to each other and to the growing cities. Farming areas could use the railway to take their produce to bigger populations.
Those towns that were not connected often went into a decline.

The coming of the railway to Presteigne was very important for the town, but not as useful as the railway was to Knighton or the new town of Llandrindod Wells, where the town was on a major railway line going right through to South Wales.

Both photographs by kind permission of Mrs Cherry Leversedge
Presteigne station This picture shows Presteigne Station around 1880. The town's police sergeant is the tall figure in the middle of the photograph.  
  New Radnor was also connected to the great railway network with a small branch line from Kington, and the grand opening there took place just 16 days after the Presteigne opening.
This branch line was also mainly paid for by the Green Price family, but the station was very small and half a mile from New Radnor.
New Radnor station

It was hoped that this branch line would be extended to become a main line through Wales to Aberystwyth, but this never happened and today both New Radnor and Presteigne stations have closed.

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