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Llanwrtyd and district
Some Victorian maps
  Llanwrtyd Wells in 1887  

The map below is a section of a map made at a scale of 6 inches to 1 mile in 1902. Like the tithe map, it shows the river crossing and the surrounding area.
You can see that the area has changed since 1845, and the hamlet by the bridge has become the new spa of Llanwrtyd Wells. And now in 1887 there are a number of new buildings, including a church, two chapels and a police station, as well as new hotels. Other changes are outlined below.

  1. The development which allowed all these changes to happen is the coming of the railway in the 1860s. Like Llandrindod and Builth, Llanwrtyd grew quickly once the railway allowed visitors to reach the area much more quickly and comfortably. (Visit the section on the spas of the area to find out more).  

2. The map above also shows that the area has a new school by the railway. By the end of Queen Victoria's reign all the local children would have had an education up to 13.
Most local children would spend their whole school lives in this one tiny building. (To find out more about what Victorian school life was like in the area, click here).

  Compare with a map of the area around 1845...  

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