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The Chartist troubles - 2
  What about the workers ?  

As well as not being allowed to vote, there were many other reasons for the ordinary workers to rise up against the ruling class in the 1830's.
A new law of 1834, just three years before Queen Victoria was crowned, brought in very harsh treatment of the poor Mob of protestorsand set up the terrible workhouse system. The local flannel-making industry was in trouble, and new machinery had put many of the poorest people out of work. A government run by landowners kept the price of corn high by passing the Corn Laws, which increased the cost of bread.
It was a very bad time to be poor, as the whole system helped the rich to stay rich and the poor to stay poor.

The situation led to outbreaks of violence in many areas, with unrest in industrial towns and the burning of ricks in country districts. This was the time of the famous Tolpuddle Martyrs who were transported in 1834 for protesting about the unfair system.

Which way is Sydney ?

Branches of the nationwide Chartist movement were set up in Newtown and in Llanidloes in 1838. One of the places where the local members used to meet was the Red Lion Inn in Llanidloes.
Some wanted to change things by talking about the rightness of their claims, but others wanted to change things by force...

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