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  A young thief flogged - in prison !

The two entries here are from the 1885 school Log Book of the Llanidloes National School. They show how children who behaved badly in Victorian times could be given a very hard time by the authorities !
In this example young William was taken away from school by a policeman, put in prison, flogged, and released a week later !
His problems did not end there, because the school would not take him back !

Apprehended - arrested
Liberated - freed.
Birch - bundle of birch twigs used like a cane.
3rd June
Scgool diary entry
11th June
School diary entry

The entries above read:
3rd June - "Police Sergeant Lake visited the School and apprehended William Blythe for theft".
11th June - "William Blythe presented himself at School today after being liberated from prison yesterday where he had been flogged with the birch. The Master refused to take him in".
Beating children with a cane or birch was quite common in Victorian schools, but being locked up in prison with grown-ups and flogged there was a good deal worse for a young lad. Times have changed !

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