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  Too deep for the little ones  
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Rob Davies

All schools in country areas were likely to have smaller numbers of children arriving for lessons in bad weather. Many had to walk for Child in the snowmiles from farms and villages, often over very rough ground.
This entry is from the diary of the Infants Department of Llanidloes National School, and it shows that the very youngest children had particular problems in the days before school buses ! It was to be many years after the end of the Victorian age before organised transport to school became available to all children.
This was written in the school Log Book in 1886, when there was still deep snow around in March ...

5th March
School diary entry "The attendance this week was very poor on account of the severe weather, the snow being too deep for the little ones, especially those coming some distance, to wade through it..."

"... The attendance on Monday and Tuesday morning was so small that school had to be closed".
Very often there would be hardly any heating at school when the cold and wet children arrived, so they were at risk of getting bad colds and worse if they did try to go in bad weather.
There is more about the problems many children had to face in getting to school on the next page...

Over the hills to school...


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