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Victorian school days
  Over the hills to school  

There were no school bus services for children going to school in the time of Queen Victoria !
A few lucky ones might have been able to get a ride in a horse-drawn vehicle of some sort, but most had to walk. In country districts this often involved walking for miles over rough tracks, and in all sorts of weather.

3rd August
School diary entry

This comes from the Llangurig School records at the end of the Victorian years, 1900.
It is part of a list showing how often the children attended the school, with some notes on reasons for absence. The numbers in black to the right of the names give the ages of the children. The next column in red shows the number of times they have turned up at school (out of a maximum of 42 !).
You can see that some of the children had five miles to walk to get to school !

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