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  The coming of the railway  

During the reign of Queen Victoria there was a great boom in the building of railways. Towns which had been remote were connected up to a great network through the coming of the railways. medal for the Grand OpeningThis made travel much easier and it also meant that local goods like flannel could be sold in many new towns.
The Llanidloes and Newtown Railway was built in the late 1850s with men coming from far and wide to build it. It was such an important development for the town and area that a special medal was made to celebrate the grand opening on the 31st August 1859.


Victorian train
As well making it easier to send local produce to far off parts, the new railway meant that goods from outside the area would be cheaper and easier to get hold of.
The terminus of the Llanidloes and Newtown Railway was at a station in Victoria Avenue. The railway building boom in the area did not stop there, however!

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