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Crime and punishment
  A theft at Llanidloes market  

In the autumn of 1844 a shoemaker from Newtown was selling his wares at the market in Llanidloes.
His name was Richard Jones and he set up his stall near the old market hall. While he was helping someone a pair of boots was stolen from his stall.

  the theft of the boots Mr Jones did not see it happen but a bystander called Mary Davies did. The thief was caught and handed over to the police and both Richard Jones and Mary Davies gave a statement to them.
These statements still survive and from them we can understand what really happened. Below is part of Mr Jones' statement. He was able to sign it himself.
  Richard Jones' statement  

This part of the statement reads:
"I had a standing at the Fair at Llanidloes this day - I was selling Boots and shoes there - it was in the open street near the Town Hall..."

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