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  The spread of dangerous diseases  

The biggest fear in Victorian communities, at home and in school, was of diseases which could spread very quickly. These were known as epidemics, and they were very common in those years because of unhealthy living conditions and poor diets due to lack of money.

Two examples from many references in the diaries of local schools are shown here. They are from the Infants Department of Llanidloes National School and are from 1890 and 1901, which was the last year of Queen Victoria's reign.

9th May
School diary entry  
11th July
School diary entry
Drawing by
Rob Davies

The two Log Book entries read :
9th May 1890 - "The attendance has been very poor on account of Scarlet Fever. Several deaths have taken place in the town this week".
11th July 1901 - "Infant School. This School has suffered much from epidemics. Like the senior department it was compulsorily closed for the five weeks preceding the second visit".
Schools were often ordered to be closed by the medical authorities until the risk of spreading disease amongst the children had passed - until the next epidemic came along !

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