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The flannel industry
  The end of an industry  

During the boom years of the local flannel industry it was thought that the new factories with their machine looms could produce high quality flannel cheaply. This could then be sold in far away places using the new railway links.
All of this was true but it was also true of the great industrial towns and cities of the North of England. Here larger steam-powered factories were built and there were even better rail and canal links. Soon the North was producing cheaper flannel and sending it to Wales!


The local mills struggled on but could not really compete. By the end of Victoria's reign the industry was in decline.

This modern photograph shows the Bridgend factory near the Short Bridge. It was built in 1834 using water power with carding machines below and looms and spinning machines above. Like other local mills it was damaged by fire but was the last of the Llanidloes flannel mills to close.

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