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Victorian school days
  Away ill for three months  

Some children were not strong enough to cope with the hard times which many Victorian families faced. Shortage of money meant poor food and cold and unhealthy homes, and most early school Log Books tell of children who are often away due to poor health.

The example shown below is from the Llangyniew School diary for February 1891...

Sick child
28th February
School diary entry "The Children of Heniarth Mill have been ill now for most part of 3 months - which is sufficient to have them withheld from the Examination".

A similar Log Book entry from another local school, this time Pantycrai School in April, 1880, is shown below...

26th April
School diary entry "David Davies, Rhosdwpa, returned to school after being at home sick for many months".

Because sickness was so common among the children, there were also many deaths in the Victorian years...

Removed from the school register...


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