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The three entries on this page are all from the Log Book of Llangyniew National School.
They show that the death of a child of school age was not at all unusual in Victorian times, and these poor children were given only a very brief entry in the official records.

School diary entry
School diary entry

The Log Book entries above read -
January 1880 - "Small attendance. Number present 22. John Jones' name taken from Register - dead".
September 1882 - "17th. Edwin.H.Evans from St [Standard] II died this morning".
January 1900 - "12th. The second child in St [Standard] III (Mary Jones, Tyddyn) died yesterday from effects of late fever".

The last entry above was written just one year before the death of Queen Victoria. The reference to "late fever" means the fever which has recently happened - probably scarlet fever.

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