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  Paying for the Master  

There is an interesting table written in the Log Book of Llangyniew National School. It shows the 'Master's Total Salary' over a twelve year period from 1872 to 1884.
The first full year in the list was 1873, when the schoolmaster was paid £44. 3s. 9d in the pre-decimal currency of pounds, shillings and (old) pence. [£44.19]

School diary entry

All the lines in the table are arranged to show the amount for the year ending on October 31st, and the totals are initialled to show that they are correct.
The entries saying "Do" are short for "ditto" which means that the words are the same "For the Year Ending Oct 31" as the lines above.

School diary entry

The schoolmaster's salary for the year which was just over £44 in 1873 had grown to £94 by 1880 - but had fallen again to just under £85 by October 1884 !
£85 a year doesn't sound much today, but it went a bit further in 1884 !

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