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Victorian school days
  We're all off to the woods...  

There were very many different reasons for not turning up for school. One of the more unusual ones in Victorian times was the bark harvest. Boys would go to the local woods to remove bark from oak trees, for use in the tanning of leather hides.
This was written in the Log Book of Llangyniew National School in May, 1873 -

9th May
School diary entry "Friday - The school thinly attended during the week - boys harvesting the bark in the woods accounting for it".

There is another job for the children in the example below from Llanllugan School in April 1886...

2nd April
School diary entry "There are many children kept at home to look after the lambs".

Photo of lambs It seems likely that most of the children would have enjoyed this job rather more than some of the other jobs they were kept away from school to do !

There is more about not being at school on the next page...

Digging out peat and going to the fair...


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