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  And now they're away rising peat !  

Many families in country districts used to keep their houses warm in the winter by burning peat instead of wood or coal, which many could not afford. The school diary entry shown below is from Llanllugan School in 1886...

25th June
School diary entry "The Attendance was not nearly as high as it ought to have been. Many of the children are employed in rising peat".

Peat is formed in boggy high moorland areas as mosses die off and slowly build up over many years into very thick layers.
The peat was cut out in regular blocks and then stacked under cover to dry out for use as fuel.
Peat is mostly used today for growing plants.

Cutting peat
30th March
School diary entry

Another very common reason for absence is the attraction of the country fairs held regularly in most areas.
The above entry is from the Log Book of Llangynw National School in March, 1881. It reads -
"Friday - Holiday because of Llanfair Fair.
Monday - Small School owing to Pool [Welshpool] Fair".
Most teachers probably went to the Fairs as well as the pupils !

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