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Crime and punishment
  A sack full of fowls

In the winter of 1843 the Quarter Sessions were held in the Guildhall at Montgomery. One of those brought before the Justices of the Peace was Richard Powell of Tregynon who was accused of stealing chickens from Mary Jones of Caecapan.
Mary Jones' statement to the Justices of the Peace at the time of the crime was recorded by a clerk so we know what she said. She told them she kept fowls in her farmyard and was in the habit of counting them each morning when she fed them.

Justices of the Peace educated and property-owning men who ran the affairs of a county for the Queen.
  Extract from Mary Jones' statement

She said:
"I saw them all yesterday morning when I threw them some meal about eleven o'clock. I counted them and they were all there. I did not see them again until this morning when I only found fifteen - fourteen were missing."

Mary had the good sense to realise that someone had stolen her hens, and would probably try to sell them. She hurried off to market at Newtown and there found 12 of them for sale!

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