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  Money for the coal, please !  
Piece of coal

The first entry below tells of children being asked for money from their parents to pay for coal for the school fire ! This seems very strange today, but was routine in Victorian times.
This Log Book entry is from Tregynon School, written in February, 1873, and refers to the 'fire money'.

10th February
School diary entry

"Messrs Tilsley and Watkin again visited the school and informed the children that they would be expected to pay an additional 6d [six pence] fire money".
The money for coal to heat the school was collected once a year, and a 'Coal List' was kept to show who had paid. It was not easy to get some of the children to bring the money from their parents !
(Mr Tilsley and Mr Watkin were Managers of the school).

Piece of coal
One lump or two ?
23rd February
School diary entry

The above entry is from Tregynon School in February 1874 -
"Notice was again given to the children who have not paid their fire money that it is overdue and must be paid at once".
A later entry in November of the same year said "Great difficulty is experienced in getting in the annual Fire Money".
The system of having to pay for fuel to keep the schools warm came to an end in 1891. See more about this on the next page...

School's not cool after 1891...


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