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Llandrindod and district
in Victorian times
  Feeding the hungry visitors  

This photograph is of one of the shops in High Street, Llandrindod Wells, when this was the business centre of the town.
This was Evans' Meat Market, located in the little row of shops just beyond the Market Hall.
The beautiful wrought iron decorative balconies like this one were one of the most attractive features of many of the buildings in the Victorian town. Fortunately, much of it still survives today, though these buildings are at present in a rather sorry state.

High Street,
Shop in High Street

It is likely that this shop would have supplied the many hotels and boarding houses in the town with quite large orders during the summer season. They seem to have more in stock than many modern supermarkets, but there were a lot of visitors in the town who wanted more than just the mineral waters !
The way in which all the joints of meat and assorted poultry are hung up outside on display by the roadside would probably bring the food inspectors round very quickly these days !

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