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  The Market Hall  

This old photograph is not of very good quality, but it was probably taken at a very early date. It shows the Market Hall in High Street, Llandrindod Wells, which was built in 1872, so the picture may date from shortly after this time.
The Market Hall had a variety of businesses on the ground floor at different times, including Tom Norton's cycle shop which is pictured on another page in this series.

Market Hall
High Street,

Market Hall

One of our pages in the Llandrindod Wells 'Taking the waters' section of this website refers to the shows held in the building in the 1890s.
A visitor's guide of 1896 said "A convenient Market Hall, with an Assembly Room overhead, capable of seating about six hundred persons, was erected here in 1872. Concerts and Entertainments are frequently held here during the Season, and the visitor here need never get morose for the want of entertainment".
The Market Hall survived until 1957, when it was destroyed in a disastrous fire. The ugliest building in the town (probably) was built on the site, and unfortunately it is still there !

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