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Llandrindod and district
in Victorian times
  Tom Norton's Cycle Depot  

This photograph shows the Llandrindod Wells cycle business which was opened by Tom Norton in 1899. It was located in the Market Hall in High Street.
Tom Norton was a pioneer cyclist, and he became one of the first dealers selling the famous machines made by the Raleigh company. Other makes advertised at Tom Norton's Cycle Depot at this time were Premier and Singer cycles.

The Market Hall building seen in this photograph was lost in a fire in 1957.
Tom Norton's
Cycle Depot,
Wells,in 1899
Tom Norton's Cycle Depot
Tricycle advertisement
A tricycle for ladies which was advertised in 1884 is shown above. Premier was one of the makes sold by Tom Norton.

The High Street in Llandrindod Wells is to the west of what is now the busiest part of the town, centred on Middleton Street and Temple Street. The railway line separates these streets from High Street, now a much quieter area.
The Victorians were very keen on cycling, and there were many unusual shapes and sizes of pedal powered machines on the market, including large-wheeled tricycles.
Tom Norton opened a large motor business in Temple Street in later years, and in the 1920s and 1930s he sold cycles, motor cars, and even aircraft from the famous Automobile Palace.

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