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Llandrindod and district
Some Victorian maps
  Llandrindod in 1833  

This image is taken from an Ordnance Survey map first surveyed in 1833. It gives us an excellent picture of the landscape around the site of Llandrindod Wells at the very beginning of Queen Victoria's reign. The very first thing to notice is that there is no Llandrindod Wells! The town was not yet built.

  1. Where the Northern end of the town now stands is the wet and windswept area known as Cefnllys Common. The only building marked on the map on this common is Llanerch-y-dirion which we know today as the Llanerch Inn.  

2. Where the Southern end of the town now stands is Llandrindod Common. Again this is a wet open area of grazing land.

  3. Although the town did not exist in 1833, people had been visiting the area to take the waters for some time. The buildings marked 3 (Rock House, Trefonen, The Pump House Hotel and Llandrindod hall) all offered accommodation for visitors.  
  Compare with a map of the area in 1887..  

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