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  Bribery and corruption !
  There are occasional entries in the official Log Books or diaries of Victorian schools which really bring small everyday events of the past to life. This is a wonderful example, which was to be found in the records of Llanbister Cantal School for 1885... Delinquency - very bad behaviour by children.
21st September
School diary entry
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21st September - "A boy in the 1st Standard, Aaron Stephens, having played truant on Thursday afternoon last, and been absent on Friday came to school this morning in dread of the results of his delinquency. When called upon to give an account of himself, he perpetuated a gross act of bribery and corruption, by offering the magnificent sum of one penny to the Master to forego punishment. He received a couple of stripes on the back and was placed on the form".
So this little boy from the youngest class at the school thought that he could escape a caning for playing truant by giving the schoolmaster a penny instead !
It is obvious that the teacher thought that this was very funny because he calls it a "gross act of bribery and corruption" and writes of the "magnificent sum" of one penny !
But the "bribe" was not accepted, and little Aaron got two strokes from the cane, and had to stand in front of the class on a raised platform !

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