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Llandrindod and district
Some Victorian maps
  Llanbister in 1902  

The map below is a section of a map made at a scale of 6 inches = 1 mile in 1902. Although Llanbister looks very similar to how it did in 1841 there have been some changes during Queen Victoria's long reign.


  The tollgates have gone from the main road and travel is easier for poor people. Even so many local farm workers and their families lived throughout the period without travelling more than just a few miles from where they were born.

A school is marked on the map on the bank above the road. By the end of Queen Victoria's reign all children had to attend school and this did give the more able children the chance to get a better education and perhaps go on to a better job when they grew up.

Compare with a map of the area in 1841..

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