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Llandrindod and district
Population graphs
  Census figures for Llanbadarn Fawr parish  

  The actual recorded figures for the population of the parish were:-  
  In the year 1841 - 488 people
In the year 1851 - 433
In the year 1861 - 475
In the year 1871 - 589
In the year 1881 - 610
In the year 1891 - 587
In the year 1901 - 577


As in other rural parishes in the area like Glascwm or Llananno most of the people of Llanbadarn Fawr would have been involved in farming or working on the land in some way. There would have been local craftsmen like wheelwrights and tailors providing a much-needed service to the community.
Llanbadarn Fawr though had for a long time benefited from better transport links. Crossgates was where two turnpike roads met, and when the railway was built, Penybont station was built here. The parish was close enough to the newly developing town of Llandrindod Wells to allow people to travel there for work.

Compare this graph with those of other parishes in the area.
Is the overall trend the same?
If the trend differs, in what way does it differ?


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