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Knighton and district
  The coming of the railway  
  The 1840s and 1850s saw a feverish burst of railway building right across the country as businessmen saw that it was possible to make a fortune through the railways.
Radnorshire had a small population though, with no industry or deposits of minerals. To build a railway just for the small towns of Radnorshire would be to lose money as there would not be enough fare-paying traffic on the trains.
What brought the railway through the county was the desire to connect the port of Milford Haven in south west Wales with the cities and factories of the Midlands and North of England.
The Knighton Railway company was formed by local landowners and businessmen to build a line from Craven Arms to the town. Work began in August 1858 and the line reached Knighton in March 1861. Workmen came from all over to work on the building of the line, and local crime increased. Four extra policemen were taken on to deal with this.
  Knighton's Station was across the River Teme from the town and just in England as you can see from this map of 1865. (The dotted line represents the border with England.)  

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