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The coming of the railway  
  The railway pushed on across Radnorshire, and by October 1865 it had reached Llandrindod.
This is hilly country and the engineers had to build embankments, cuttings and tunnels to keep the track on the gentle gradients which steam engines could then manage.
  Perhaps the most impressive feat of engineering is the viaduct at Knucklas which took the line across the valley.
This engraving from a Victorian newspaper has exaggerated the scale of the viaduct and the height of the Shropshire hills behind. Nevertheless the structure was 70 feet high, and it was a considerable achievement for the workmen and engineers.
  newspaper engraving of Knucklas viaduct
  The Knighton Railway Company was later taken over by the large London and North West Railway who ran it for the rest of the Victorian period and beyond.
The railway brought great benefits to farmers and some businesses like the Silurian Wool Mill, and it brought cheaper factory-made goods for local people. This had the unfortunate effect, though, of forcing many local traders out of business.

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