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Earning a living
  Local tradesmen in 1835: turners to miscellaneous  
Don't forget! The surnames are first.

This last section of local tradesmen from Pigot's Directory shows local skilled crafts which are no longer as important as they were in Victorian times.

The turner was really a wood turner who made table and chair legs on his lathe. This was a very skilled job, and thousands of chairs and tables and desks of this period can still be seen today.
The Victorian turner would power his lathe with his foot pressing down on a lever which turned the wood.
When he lifted his foot off the lever the wood spun the other way.

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  In the Victorian period transport was still horse-drawn, so the wheelwright was still very important.
It was a very skilled trade, making wheels for carriages and waggons of all sizes out of wood, and then attaching solid iron tyres.

If the wheel was not made perfectly round this would made the cart or carriage bounce around so the wheelwright had to know what he was doing.

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