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Hay and the Wye valley
Earning a living
  Nobility, gentry and clergy of the Hay area in 1835  

Entry from Pigot's Directory 1835This is a list of all the people in the Hay area who wanted themselves listed in 1835. These are the property owners of the area in the early years of Queen Victoria's reign. The vicars of the Church of England were often of this class and were usually listed with the gentry.

The nobility and gentry were people who did not have to do a job to earn a living, but earned money by letting their property to tenants and charging a rent. They certainly thought of themselves as being superior to those "in trade" or who worked for them, and they usually employed an agent or "man of business" to run things for them.
Some of the names of the local great houses have been given unusual spellings by printers unfamiliar with Welsh placenames, but they will still be recognisable to local people. For example, Maslough on the list is of course the Maesllwch of today.
In the early Victorian period the Wilkins family of Maesllwch changed their name to De Winton.

It is from the families on this list that the magistrates and sheriffs were chosen. These were the men who established law and order and ran the affairs of the county for the crown. Women and men who did not hold property were kept out of the system.


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