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  School closed by scarlet fever

It was very common in Victorian times for illness to spread very quickly through Sickly childthe whole local community. Infectious diseases like diptheria, scarlet fever, measles and whooping cough were passed on easily when people were gathered closely together.
As children in country districts often came to school from a very wide area round about, there was always a danger from disease and epidemics.
Almost all school Log Books from these years mention the absence of children due to illness, and schools often had to close for weeks or even months...

Epidemic - when disease spreads widely among many people.
13th June
School diary entry
1st August
School diary entry

This example is from the Boughrood National School Log Book from 1892 -
13th June - "Owing to an outbreak of scarlet fever at the school-house, the school was closed until further notice from the sanitary authority of this district".
1st August - "The school was re-opened after being closed for 7 weeks".
There are more examples of the spread of disease among local schools in the Victorian years on the next page...

Mark 'S' for sickness...


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