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  Coughing dreadfully all day...  

Three more examples of the effect of illness on the numbers of children turning up for lessons at local schools in the Victorian years are shown here...

National School
School diary entry
  2nd November 1896 - "...Many of the children are coughing dreadfully all day. I have used "S" in all cases of sickness, in marking the registers this morning".  
Hay British
Infants School
School diary entry
  1st December 1882 - "28 children absent this week through illness. Average attendance for week 20.4".  
National School
School diary entry

January 26th 1883 - "Whooping cough is daily spreading more and more - only 18 in school today".
February 2nd 1883 - "Whooping cough on the increase therefore attendance smaller. Have sent list to attendance inspector".

Sadly, examples like these turn up regularly in the official records of almost all schools in these years. And because serious diseases were so common, some children did not return to school after an epidemic...

When diseases could be killers...


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