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Hay and the Wye valley
Earning a living
  Local tradesmen in 1835: carpenters to curriers  
Don't forget! The surnames are first.

extract from Pigot's DirectoryMost of the trades you can see here are still active in the modern community.
You will find carpenters, chemists (not spelled chymist !), and coal merchants in todays Yellow Pages. Some, though, are not as familiar.

In Victorian times there were no plastics and glass was fairly expensive. Large quantities of liquid were therefore transported by barrel.
The cooper in his workshop made wooden barrels. (see left). This was a very skilled and important job. When not needed the barrels could easily be taken apart and stored until needed again.

Curriers were involved in preparing skins and producing leather hides from them.
In a time before plastics were invented leather was widely used.
Local shoemakers and saddlers would rely on the curriers and tanners for their raw materials.


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