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Hay and the Wye valley
Earning a living
  Local tradesmen in 1835: bootmakers to butchers  
Don't forget! The surnames are first.

In this extract from Pigot's Directory we can see two types of local tradesmen who were once very common but are now much rarer.

Today most people buy shoes made in factories abroad and sold in shoe shops in Britain.
In Victorian times shoes were nearly all made locally out of leather tanned locally. With wellington boots not yet widely available, the local workman would wear hobnailed boots which he would have repaired when they needed it.

Butchers slaughtered local animals which were sold as meat in a short space of time. There were no refrigerators or freezers, so the meat was eaten quickly or salted or smoked to make it last longer.
Poorer families could not afford to eat much meat in Victorian times.


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