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  The baker and the axe...  
Witness heading One of the witnesses who made statements about the theft of the axe and the bill hook in Hay in 1878 was John Winstone, a baker.
The document recording his evidence is shown here...
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Quarter Sessions paper Drawing of tools
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Rob Davies

John Winstone's statement reads -
"I am a Baker and live in Broad Street, Hay. On Saturday last in the afternoon the Prisoner [William Magness] called upon me and asked one if I wanted to buy an axe. He said it had a new handle in it. I declined to purchase same. He had not any axe with him."

Signature of witness It wasn't a very good idea to go around trying to sell stolen property so openly, since a local baker might have regular business with the Swan Hotel.
The next person to give evidence was the local Police Sergeant, Henry Jones. See the next page...

Sergeant Jones gets a search warrant...


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