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  The Police Sergeant's evidence  
Axe drawing by
Rob Davies

The evidence of Police Sergeant Henry Jones did not help the case of William Magness, who had been charged with stealing the axe and billhook in 1878.
His statement said that he had a warrant to search William's house, and had done so on the previous afternoon. This is part of the Sergeant's evidence to the court...

Drawing of tools
Part of

Quarter Sessions paper
"...I found the Axe and Hacker now produced in the kitchen of the Prisoner's home. The Prisoner was present when I made the search. The Prisoner said "I borrowed the Axe and the Hacker of a man at Llanigon". I asked the name of the man but he did not reply. I then charged him with stealing same"...

"He said "I did not steal them". The Prisoner this morning said "I won't tell the man's name that I borrowed the Axe and Hacker of. I expect he will be here at the meeting".

Things were not looking good for William Magness after the missing property turned up in his house - especially after he claimed that he borrowed them from a mystery person that he wouldn't name ! By saying that this person "will be here at the meeting" he meant that he would attend the court.
His 'mystery person' didn't help him much, as you can see on the next page...

Stolen tools or borrowed tools ?...


Police witness
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