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  A new frock coat for the Constable  

This is the paper which gave an estimate of the cost of kitting out Jeremiah Rattigan, the Superintendent Constable at Builth in 1854 , with suitable clothing for his official duties. This was the "resolution No 1" from the last page.


Quarter Sessions paper

There's that hole in
the bundle of papers
again, just like the
last one !

Drawing by
Rob Davies
This paper from the 1854 Session Roll reads -
"An Estimate of clothing etc required for the use of the Superintendent Constable at Builth"
Policeman's new coat
1 Frock coat yearly
2 Pairs of trousers yearly
1 Silk stock yearly
1 Top coat every alternate year
Allowance for boots and shoes
1 Hat
£2. 7. 0
£2. 0. 0
£0. 2. 6
£1. 3. 0
£1 .13. 0
£0. 14. 6
£8. 0. 0

The sums of money shown are in the pounds, shillings, and pence of the old pre-decimal system.
A "frock coat" was a long, formal looking jacket similar to those sometimes worn at smart weddings and social events nowadays.
The "silk stock" was a white piece of material worn around the neck, like those used with the red or black coats of the traditional fox-hunting outfit.
Now, what about Jeremiah's horse ?...

Can't get about without a horse...


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