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  A horse for Jeremiah !  

The Police Superintendent for Builth, like all the earliest law enforcers, had problems in getting around the areas for which Drawing of horse he was responsible.
In 1854 he offered to get hold of a horse to use for his duties, and to feed and stable it, for £22 a year ! The paper below shows that the Breconshire Justices accepted his offer, as long as he found himself a suitable animal !

Only £22 a year ?
I can't live on that !
Have you seen the
price of oats lately ?

Quarter Sessions paperPowys County Archives

This document comes from a Breconshire Quarter Sessions Roll of 1854, and it reads -
That the offer of Jeremiah Rattigan, Police Superintendent, to find and keep a horse for County purposes including forage, stabling and all costs for the annual sum of twenty two pounds be accepted, the said allowance to commence from the time that he gives notice that he is in possession of a horse.
.........................................................................E D Thomas - Chairman"

This seems very strange these days ! Think what it would be like if the police had to go out and buy their own patrol car - and keep it serviced and full of petrol !

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