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  7 -A confession from Elizabeth  

The evidence that turned out to be the most damaging for little Elizabeth and her mother was to come from Ann Flye, the wife of the Police Sergeant.
This is part of her statement to the Justices...


Court document,1866
Drawing by
Rob Davies

" husband told me to lock up the prisoner [Elizabeth Price], whilst I was doing so she took hold of my clothes and Drawing of the prisonerssaid she would tell the truth. She then said "I did find it under the table in the kitchen, and I took it home to mother, and she put it in her pocket, and I went back again to my work. Mother afterwards put it in a little box and locked it up in a big box and she gave me two pounds to buy clothes".

This evidence was to show that both Elizabeth and her mother were involved in the crime. The young girl obviously should not have dishonestly taken the purse and money away from the Queen's Head Inn in the first place, and they both had to pay a heavy penalty for this mistake...

What happened to Elizabeth and her mother ?....


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