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Railways in the Builth area  

Railway at BuilthThe station for Builth Wells on the Mid-Wales Railway was across the river in Llanelwedd.
Here a whole complex of railway buildings was built with 2 signal boxes, a carriage shed, a goods shed, cattle pens and the station building itself.

The station staff consisted of 16 men, and others worked on the maintenance of the line.
The coming of the railway meant that the town could develop further as a spa and attract visitors, although never on the scale of Llandrindod Wells. Produce from the area could be sent out to the towns and cities.

Early train

In November 1866 the Cambrian Extension Railway reached the area. The line was eventually to stretch from Craven Arms to Swansea, with stations at Cilmeri and Garth.
Where it crossed the Mid Wales Railway, just 2 miles from Builth Wells, a new station was opened. This junction meant that a tiny Radnorshire community (known as Builth Road) found itself with two stations!
Local people would use both of the railways to travel to markets, and in an age without cars this was a great leap forward.

Builth Road Junction


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