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2 -Where is the purse of money ?  

Jane Llewellin, the innkeeper's wife, told the Justices that she closed up the Queen's Head inn on Monday night, then brought down a box containing over fifteen pounds in gold sovereigns and half sovereigns as well as silver and copper coins.
She counted out the money, put it back, and took the jar upstairs again and locked it up. But the next morning...


Court document,1866
Drawing by
Rob Davies

This is part of Jane's statement from October 1866 -Purse of coins
"...about 11 o'clock on the following morning I had occasion to go to the box for some money, and it was then in the same state as I had left it and I discovered the loss of the purse containing the Gold. The prisoner [Elizabeth Price] was then out, as soon as she came in I told her of my loss and asked her if she had seen the purse, and she said "No Mam, I have not or else I would have brought it to you".

Fifteen pounds was a large sum of money in 1866 ! Things were starting to look bad for young Elizabeth when the innkeeper's wife gave more evidence...

More about the missing gold...


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