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Crime and punishment
  3 -The servant girl's new earrings...  

Jane Llewellin, the innkeeper's wife, described how she had "searched worriedly about the house" for the missing purse, and her statement continued...


Court document,1866

["I told her that...] "she must have seen the purse but she denied any knowledge of it. I told her on the Thursday that my husband had been ordered to pull her up for it, and that she had better acknowledge the theft - she again denied it, and at the same time drew my attention to the earrings which she then wore, and said her father had found them near to Llanelwedd.
I afterwards gave information of the loss to Sergeant Flye".

It probably wasn't a good idea for Elizabeth Price to turn up with new earrings just after the purse of gold coins had gone missing !
Police Sergeant Flye was the next to give evidence...

What Sergeant Flye had to say...


The witness, Jane Llewellin,
could not write so she was
asked to put a cross next
to her statement. This was
recorded as "The mark of
Jane Llewellin".
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