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  4 -The little girl, her daughter  

After being told about the missing purse of gold sovereigns by the innkeeper's wife, Sergeant Flye went to Elizabeth Price's house and arrested her.
He said that he had warned her about the situation she was now in - "I told her it was a serious charge and as she was so young she had better be careful what she said".
This part of the Police Sergeant's official statement to the Justices in October 1866 is a bit confusing, because both little Elizabeth and her mother Margaret are called "prisoners"...

Gold coins

Court document,1866
Drawings by
Rob Davies

"I went to the prisoner's house and took her daughter [Elizabeth Price] to the Station on a charge of stealing a purse containing fifteen pounds and ten shillings in Gold from David Llewellin, the Queen's Head Inn, Builth - shortly afterwards the prisoner [Margaret Price] came to the Station and I admitted her in. I asked her how she accounted for the little girl her daughter having money to buy the new articles of wearing apparel".

Little Elizabeth's mother Margaret was about to be arrested as well as her daughter, on suspicion of "receiving" stolen property...

Now mother is in trouble too...


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