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  Looking down on the Lock-up !  

The drawing on this page is a 'plan view' of the ground floor of the new Builth Lock-up of 1860. It is how it would look if you sliced off the top floor and looked down from above.
Some of the prisoners in the cells would probably have liked the top to be sliced off so that they could escape !


1860 plan of lock-up

In this drawing you can see the public entrance in the bottom right hand corner, which was shown in the front view on the last page. The circular staircase goes up to the magistrates courtroom Part of 1860 drawings.above.
You can also see the three tiny cells for the prisoners in the right half of the building. The cells had curved roofs (see right) and no windows - just small air vents.
The rooms on the left were a kitchen, living room, scullery and police office. The other main staircase at the back (top middle on the drawing) was the magistrates entrance to the courtroom.

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