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Crime and punishment
  A new Lock-up House for Builth  

The papers shown here are among the records of a 'Lock-up House' and Magistrates Room planned for Builth in 1860. It was to be built in Castle Street.
In the front elevation (view) shown below the door on the right was the public entrance which led to a staircase up to the courtroom above, where the magistrates heard the local cases. The cells for the prisoners were behind the windowless wall next to this door.



Home Office paper,1860

Original  design,1860
Front elevation of the 1860 Lock-up House

The document above (left) is the official Government approval from the Home Office in London's Whitehall, which reads -
"I hereby certify my approval of the annexed [attached] plans for a lock-up house which it is proposed to erect at Builth in the County of Brecon.
Whitehall, April 12th, 1860 - G I Lewis"

There is more about the new accommodation for the villains of Builth on the next page...

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