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  A police property list from 1888  

Records were kept of the furniture and other items paid for with public money in Victorian times. Parts of an inventory or list for the police station at Builth in 1888 is shown here.

Part of 1888 inventory
"Builth Police Station (Freehold)
An Inventory of County Property
taken November, 1888".


Part of 1888 inventory

"No 4 ...Pairs Handbolts and Keys"
"No 2 ...Wood Truncheons"
  These seem strange items to have in the kitchen !
The listing of "No 4" means that there were 4 of these items, not that it was fourth in a list. The "handbolts" were handcuffs, so the keys were pretty important !
  Part of 1888 inventory
Rob Davies
can draw mugs
as well as
useless buckets !
(see next page)

"No 6 ...Tin Cups, 1 Pint each, for use of prisoners".

The supplies for Victorian prisoners were very basic, such as the large tin mugs to drink from. There are more items from the stocktaking at Builth Police Station on the next page...

More items of 1888 police property...


Tin cup
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